Our Objectives:

The purpose of the foundation is:
  • Provide the community of Curaçao with useful and necessary material and furniture, whether or not second-hand, but still in good condition. The material and furniture comes from the Netherlands or elsewhere. This includes the supply of school material, material for the different sports, material for health care and material for the prison as regards retraining to practice a profession. Or material / furniture for the benefit of each self-respecting body can do some work for the benefit of the island.
  • The foundation will also make every effort to contribute as much as possible to the agricultural sector as well as the economic sector by establishing contacts between the various parties for the self-sufficiency of the islanders and the economy of the island.
The Foundation tries to achieve its goal by:
  • To make contact with the various authorities in the Netherlands and elsewhere that may be important for the purpose to be achieved. The community as well as the dignitaries are informed through information days and motivated to help the circumstances. Financial resources come from donations and through fundraising.