Stichting Help de Schoolkinderen van Curaçao:

Since 2017, the Help the Schoolchildren Foundation of Curacao is engaged in the collection of used goods from the Netherlands, which are donated to Schools, Associations and Foundations here on Curacao, Aruba and Bonaire. These goods are made available entirely without interest by schools and / or institutions in the Netherlands. This may include furniture and / or school material. The receiving parties are only charged on the transport costs at a reduced rate, which they themselves settle directly with the carriers. The Foundation will only charge an expense allowance for the costs incurred by us if this is necessary.

Our foundation works closely with the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport and the Ministry of Social Development, Labor and Welfare. We are also in close contact with Parliament's standing committee on education and with all school boards of Curacao. We do our utmost to meet the demand from schools, institutions, associations and / or foundations.

Fortunately, we have a number of volunteers at our disposal who are fully committed to the Foundation, both here on Curacao and in the Netherlands.

The Team Curacao consists of Mrs. Denice Bezemer-Hoyer Chairman, Mrs. Sam van Dommelen Vice-Chairman and Mrs. Irene Alberto-Zondag Secretary
The Netherlands Team consists of Mrs. Carreen Hoyer, Nilco Mercera, Bert Ruiter and Peter Meijer. For the transport and storage of the goods we have the great support of Vladimir Romer from Carib Intertrans Netherlands and Alexander van Rosberg AMC Cargo Services Curacao.